Breaks Rules

  • Once all the teams are reserved and paid for, the break will be done LIVE and breakers will receive the details, including the link:
  • Breakers will receive all “HITS” for their selected team(s). No base cards will be sent. Hits are serial numbered cards, jersey, patch, auto or inserts.
    Take note : Base cards can be sent upon request, but a shipping fee might be added.
  • For any dual, triple, etc. teams card, a randomization method will be used to determine the owner of the card. Either picking teams cards or (randomize 3 times).
    The randomization process will be performed at the end of the break, LIVE and recorded.
  • Any retro teams will be given to their current organization (ie. Whalers to Carolina, Nordiques to Colorado, North Stars to Dallas, Jets (before 2011/12) to Phoenix etc.).
  • The cards will go to the team who’s logo/name is on the back of the card (If there is no indication on the back, the card will go to the logo/crest of a team who is in the front of the card or name.
  • IMPORTANT: For any International team (ie: Team Canada), it will go to the actual player’s team. If the team is a junior team, it will go to the team where the player/rookie currently plays (ie: Hodgson to Buffalo). If the player is undrafted, the card will be randomed between all of the participants of this break.
  • Taxes included in all of our prices