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6 Cards per Pack

20 Packs per Box

12 Boxes per Case


CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS (All items subject to change)


Upper Deck is excited to debut our highly anticipated Halo: Legacy Trading Card set. As we celebrate the past decade of Halo games, this premium product will lead fans through the key events and popular characters of the Halo timeline: starting with the first game “Combat Evolved” to its newest release “Halo Infinite” where the Halo series franchise has now expanded to.


o 180 Card Base Set fearing some of the most iconic characters and key moments within the Halo Universe!

o Parallels include Rarity by Foil Colors, Patterned Foil Board, and Metal Technologies.


o Voice Autograph Cards!

o Search for a wide variety of Single and Dual Voice Autograph Cards.


o Look for Short Print Inserts showcasing pattern rainbow foil board cards

o Weapon Drop, War Machine, Discover, and Halo Armory cards highlighting weapons, vehicles, and locations found within all the Halo games.

o Glitched Parallels of Weapon Drop, War Machines, and Discover all #’d to 117.


o Find Die Cut & Thematic Insert Cards

o Cortana Chip Evolution- #’d to 499

o Rampancy Parallel - #’d to 25

o Forerunner Variants - #’d to 50


o 1-of-1 Original Art Sketch Cards

o Look for limited edition sketch cards hand-drawn by talented artists


PACK HITS (on Average)

o 5 Base Cards including colored foil Parallels

o 1 Insert/Chase Cards


BOX HIT (on Average)

o 6-7 Cards from the following:

o Weapon Drop, War Machines, Discover, and Parallel Cards

o 2 Cards from the following:

o Mantles, Mantle Gold Parallel, and Metal Cards

o 4 Active Camo Variants


CASE HITS (on Average)

o Voice Index or Dual Voice Index Autographs

o 3 Card from the following:

o Hardlight and Hardlight Forerunner Tech Parallel

o 5-6 Cards from the following Parallels

o Cortana Chip Evolution, Rampancy Parallel, and Halo Armory Cards.

o 1 Card from the following:

o Base Forerunner Parallels, Cortana Chip Evolution Rampancy Parallel, Original Art Sketch Card, and Printing Plate Booklet Cards.


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