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5 Cards per Pack

15 Packs per Box

10 Boxes per Inner

2 Inners per Case (ePack has single inner)


CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS: (All items subject to change)


Jay and Bob are back with an amazing set of trading cards from the Jay & Silent Bob Reboot movie! This set includes a variety of cards to collect including: rare collectable inserts, base set variant/parallels, autographed cards, and 3 types of sketch cards.


• 100 Card Base Set With Multiple Variant/Parallel Versions!

o Berzerker Variant

o Snoogans Variant

o Snoochie Boochies Variant

o Black & White Parallel


• Find Awesome Blue Print Relic Cards

o Look for SP and SSP versions!


• A Variety of Autographed Cards!

o Strains of Gold Signature Cards with Dual, Triple and Quad autographs!

o Reboot Autographs

o Secret Stash Signatures


• Original Sketch Art Including:

o Black & White Sketch Cards

o Cartoon Style Sketch Cards

o Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Sketch Cards


BOX HITS (On Average)


o 13 Parallel or Number Parallel Cards (13 Parallel - including serial numbered...)

o Berzerker, Snoogans, Snoochie Boochies, or Black & White


o 1 Autograph or Sketch Card

o Strains of Gold Signatures - Dual, Triple, or Quad

o Blue Print Relics Auto Parallel – SP and SSP

o J&SB Reboot Autos

o Secret Stash Signatures

o Original Art Sketch Card

o B&W Sketch Card

o Cartoon Style Sketch Card


o 1 Blue Print Relic Card

o SP or SSP


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