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6 Cards per Pack

16 Packs per Box

12 Boxes per Case    


CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS:     (All items subject to change)


Marvel Infinity Trilogy is the latest storyline to be featured in the Allegiance™ series. This trading card set highlights brand new thematic inserts, Spectromatic cards, Turning Points holofoil, and rare Infinity Gems die-cut insert!


•    90-Card Base Set with 90-Card Creator Autographs parallel set featuring some of the most iconic characters from the Infinity Trilogy storyline!

o    Find numbered Base Set parallels: Magenta Glitter, Yellow Crackle, Purple Boxes, Red Diamonds, Blue Swirl, Green Racer, Holofoil, Holofoil Gold, and the rarest Gold Explosion (#’d 1 of 1)

o    Look for rare Creator Autograph parallels!


•    Comic Cuts!

o    Rare serial numbered Comic Cuts are back! Collect Comic Cuts Creator Autographs, and Creator Dual Autographs!


•    Returning Inserts!

o    Spectromatic: colorful parallels on triangulation foil board: Purple, Orange, Red, Blue, and Green 

o    Turning Points holofoil: featuring significant moments from the Infinity Trilogy storyline

o    Canvas Chapters: 90-card insert printed on canvas stock


•    New lenticular inserts & die-cut cards!


o    Find Comic Covers inserts – features the legendary Infinity Trilogy comic covers and printed on a 3D lenticular substrate

o    Gather rare die-cut insert Infinity Gems acetate chase cards: Power, Reality, Space, Time, Mind, and Soul


•    New thematic Inserts


o    The Disappeared: featuring characters that disappeared after “The Snap!” in the Infinity Gauntlet storyline.

o    Expeditionary Force: highlighting the team of heroes sent to battle Thanos and the Infinity Watch team in the Infinity War series!

o    Cosmic Catastrophe: based on the defenders of Earth-616 during the Infinity Crusade storyline!



•    Look for rare 1-of-1 Original Art Sketch Cards!



BOX HITS         (On Average)


•    Base Set parallels


•    Serial numbered parallel 

•    3DLenticular inserts

•    Thematic inserts: The Disappeared, Expeditionary Force, and Cosmic Catastrophe




•    1 of 1 Original Art Sketch cards 

•    Low Serial Numbered Base Set

•    Comic Cuts

•    Creator Autograph

•    Spectromatic

•    Turning Points holofoil

•    Comic Covers

•    Rare Base Set Image – Variants

•    Infinity Gems

•    Printing Plates 


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