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5 Cards per Pack

16 Packs per Box

8 Boxes per Inner

2 Inners per Case


CONTENT HIIGHLIGHTS: (All items subject to change)

2020-2021 Marvel Annual serves as a time capsule for an unforgettable year in comics. Contents

include tiered cover variants, holograms, sparkling foil parallels, lenticulars, autographs, and even

booklet sketch cards! Marvel Annual is designed to provide collectors with a recap of the events

over a year in Marvel Comics while introducing fans to the exciting hobby of Marvel trading cards!


 100 Card Base Set

Base Set Variant Cover Parallel with 4 tiers of rarity!

Marvel Annual Base Set Hologram Parallel with limited numbering returns!


All New Sparkling Foil Base Set Parallel with limited numbering!


 Splash-ticular Lenticular Cards

View exciting Comic Book Splash Page Art in a new dimension!

Look for SP and SSP versions!


 Battle Booklets Sketch Cards!

Search for coveted 1-of-1 art cards showcasing 14 different character pairings!


 Look for Star Rookies, Annual Impact, Humble Beginnings, and Number 1 Spot Inserts!

Thematic Inserts that highlight the year’s key events and characters!


 Discover and Collect 1-of-1 Printing Plates!


 Creators Corner Autographs!

Collect autographed cards of notable writers and artists who contributed to Marvel Comics in the past year!


 1-of-1 Original Art Sketch Cards!


PACK HITS (On Average)

1 Variant Base Card

1 Insert Card:

Star Rookies, Annual Impact, Humble Beginnings, or Number 1 Spot


BOX HITS (On Average)

1 Splash-ticular Card

Regular, SP, or SSP


INNER HITS (On Average)

4 cards from the following:

Hologram // - #’d to 21

Sparkling Foilboard // - #’d to 49

1-of-1 Printing Plate

Battle Booklets Sketch Card

Original Art Sketch Card

Creators Corner Autograph


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