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5 Cards per Pack

16 Packs per Case

16 Boxes per Case


CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS:     (All items subject to change)

2022-2023 Marvel Annual celebrates a full year in comics. Contents include canvas variants, sparkling foil, and Crystal Clear Plexiglas parallels, Creator Corner Autographs! All new Backscatters and Suspended Animation Cards!


•    Collect all 100 Character Base Set Cards and an additional 100 Variants!

o    Base Set Variant Cover

o    Base Set Hologram

o    Base Set Silver Sparkle

o    Gold Linearity


•    4 Unique Inserts

o    Number 1 Spot 

o    2022’s Superheroes of the Year

o    Top Teams- 10 most popular teams

o    Star Rookies- 5 new appearances


•    Crystal Clear plexi base set parallel cards

o    Numbered to 25


•    Ready for Action Booklets

o    2-Panel Sketch Booklet

o    Multiple characters in action

o    Characters fighting against their arch enemies


•    Multiple Dimensions Lenticulars

o    Look out for SP and SSP 

o    3-D Lenticular technology


•    Suspended Animation

o    Printed on PETG

o    Serial #’d


•    1 of 1 Original Art Sketch Cards!


Box Hits (on average)

•    Backscatter sticker Cards

•    Canvas Variant Cover

•    Silver Sparkle Parallel

•    Multiple Dimensions


Chase Hits

•    Purple Parallel #’d to 1

•    Crystal Clear Parallel- low serial #’d

•    Printing Plates Cards

•    Hologram Parallel- low serial #’d

•    Original Art Sketch Card

•    Ready for Action 2 Panel Booklet Sketch Card

•    Creator Corner Single or Dual Autograph


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