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9 Cards per Pack

15 Packs per Box

16 Boxes per Case


CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS: (All items subject to change)

Upper Deck is excited to announce another series to our beloved publishing set Marvel Beginnings Volume 2 series 2! Marvel Beginnings merges the throwback-inspired history of the Marvel Universe filled with everyone’s favorite characters. Ranging back from 1939 to the present day, with new technology and thematic designs to showcase fan-favorite characters, incredibly rare comic clippings, and creator autographs from Marvel Legends.


• 180- Character Card Base Set featuring a staggering 540 characters from the publishing universe spread amongst our 1,2,3 series.

• Uncover Comic Clippings from some of publishing’s most memorable moments.

- Look for versions with limited serial numbering and Autographed cards!

• New eye-catching Inserts

- Holograms featuring Superheroes and Villains derived from Marvel’s publishing library.

- Glitz & Glam with a Gold Parallel featuring strong female characters featured in the Marvel Universe.

- Search for Micro Motion with motion coat technology!


PACK HITS (On Average)

▪ 6 Base Set Cards

▪ 2 Colored Base Set Parallels


BOX HITS (On Average)

▪ 3 Rainbow Foil Parallels

▪ 3 Illustration Board Cards

▪ 3 Flipped FX Cards

▪ 5 Fun Thematic Inserts:

o Heavyweights, Gods of Marvel, Swordsmen, and Cosmic Annihilation!


CASE HITS (On Average)

▪ At least 7 from the following:

o Flipped FX #’d Parallels – Blue, Red, Orange, Black, and Gold; First Appearance Variants – Rare, Super Rare, and Hyper Rare Cards.

▪ Expect these from the following:

o Comic Clippings, Buybacks, Creator Autographs, and Original Sketch Cards.

▪ Micro Motion Cards

▪ Glitz & Glam Insert Cards

o Gold Parallel


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