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6 Cards per Pack

15 Packs per Box

12 Boxes per Case


CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS: (All items subject to change)


What awaits beyond the Sacred Time Line? Upper Deck is introducing Marvel Studios Loki trading cards to collectors and fans of the Disney+ show. This set captures Season 1 of Loki as we discover what makes a Loki, a Loki. Uncover a variety of talent autographed cards, low #’d parallel cards and Alligator Loki cards.


• Various Base Set Parallel Cards

o Including #’d Alligator Loki Parallel

• Timeless Inserts

o For All Time. Always

o TVA Profiles

o TVA’s Mission

o Alternate Time Branch


• Talent Autographed Cards

o Glorious Purpose Signatures

o #’d TVA Variant Dual Signatures – Tier 1 & 2


• *Film Cel Cards (*manufactured)

o Collect Time Theater Film Cels of Each Season 1 Episode

o #’d Time Theater Film Cels Dual Autos


• Chase Big Hits

o Tempad Metal Cards

o Loki & TVA Hologram Cards

o Base Set and Inserts Printing Plates


PACK HITS  (On Average)

o 4 Base Cards

o 2 Insert/Chase Cards


BOX HITS (On Average)

o 1 Serial #’d Base Set Parallel Card

o Yellow, Miss Minutes, or Alligator Loki

o 2 From the following:

o Film Cels, Metal Cards, Printing Plates, Holograms or Autographs


CASE HITS (On Average)

o 4 Tempad Metal Cards

o 2-3 Loki or TVA Holograms

o 3 Rare Film Cels

o 2 Autographs


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