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6 Cards per Pack

15 Packs per Box

12 Boxes per Case


CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS:     (All items subject to change)


Follow Shang-Chi on his epic journey of self discovery with Marvel Studios Shang-Chi trading cards!  Upper Deck has created a stunning entertainment card set that captures the great moments of the film, from the city life to the hidden realm of Ta Lo.  Look for an amazing cast of talent autographed cards and unique low numbered chase cards!


    Various Base Set Parallel Cards

o    Including #’d Dragon Scale Parallel

    Excellent Inserts

o    Base Set – High Series

o    The Ten Rings Soldiers

o    Night Adventures

    Talent Autographed Cards

o    Find big names like: Simu Liu & Akwafina

o    #’d Dual Inked Film Cels

    *Film Cel Cards (*manufactured)

o    4 Tiers of Higher Plane of Excellence Film Cel Cards

o    #’d Autographed variant

    Chase Big Hits

o    #’d Hidden Metal Relics Red Parallel

o    Various Patches – including a Morris set!

o    #’d Ten Rings Logo Die Cuts Gold Parallel

o    Base Set and Inserts Printing Plates



PACK HITS         (On Average)


o    3 Base Cards

o    1 Red Parallel

o    1 Spectromatic Sticker

o    1 Additional Chase Card



BOX HITS         (On Average)


o    1 #’d Card

o    1 *Film Cel

o    1 Autographed Card, *Relic or Metal Card



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