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8 Cards per Pack

24 Packs per Box

12 Boxes per Case




•    The 2023 edition includes a 100-card base set consisting of four subsets - Wrestlers (1-70), Tag Teams (71-80), Crew (81-92) and the all-new All in the Family (93-100). Each card in the All in the Family subset features AEW members who are related to each other.


o    The parallel lineup is deep and full of chase cards! Collect up to 11 parallels of the complete base set and six (6) parallels of the first 92 cards, including the coveted 1-of-1 Black (complete) and Gold Auto (first 92) parallels. Also keep an eye out for some low-#’d memorabilia parallels of the first 92 cards as well as printing plates (with autographs!) from the complete set!

o    Collect, on average, five (5) Pyro parallels and one (1) AEW Rampage parallel from every box! 


•    New Inserts! The 2023 edition is stocked with several exciting new insert sets. Here are just a few:


o    Build the coolest playing card deck around with the Double or Nothing Playing Cards 54-card insert set (includes two Jokers) printed on 12-pt. playing card stock with playing card coating. Collect, on average, four (4) regular cards and one (1) Gold parallel from every box.


o    Fans and collectors alike will be buzzing about the stunning Dazzlers insert featuring all of the biggest names on the AEW roster. Collect both the Blue set and the rarer Green set. Look for four (4) Dazzlers cards per box, on average.


o    Excalibur’s Picks sports a checklist created by Excalibur himself! The bio on each card was also written by Excalibur. Look for both the regular versions and Silver Foil parallels #’d to 499.


o    Mic Check features 20 of AEW’s best behind the microphone. These fan-favorite wrestlers are adept at getting the crowd hyped up. Collect both the regular set and the Silver Foil parallel #’d to 499.


o    The AEW roster includes many of the best women’s wrestlers in the world, and the all-new AEW: All Elite Women insert pays homage to 20 of them. In addition to the regular set, there is also a Silver Foil parallel set #’d to 349.


o    Get a look at wrestlers outside the ring (backstage, interviews, about to the enter the ring, etc.) via the Total Access set. Look for cards from the regular set as well as the SilverRed (#’d to 50) and Gold Spectrum (#’d 1-of-1) parallels!


o    All wrestling fans, but especially the hardcore Young Bucks fans, will be chasing the very rare Young Bucks YG insert cards. Each card in this five-card set features the Young Bucks on a different Young Guns® design.


•    The AEW Breakouts set returns after a successful 2022 debut. Printed on PETG and Rainbow Foilboard, this set features some long-standing AEW stars alongside several recent additions to the AEW roster. Keep an eye out for rare SP’s!



(on average)



UD Canvas® - Black Parallel Cards



Base Set - Clear Cut Parallel Cards



Mic Check, AEW: All Elite Women and/or 

Excalibur’s Picks - Silver Foil Parallel Cards



Day With The Belt, Photo Variants or Young Bucks YG Card



(on average)



Base Set - Pyro Parallel Cards



Double or Nothing Playing Cards

(Includes 1 Gold Parallel)



Blue and/or Green Dazzlers Cards



UD Canvas® Cards



Mic Check, AEW: All Elite Women and/or 

Excalibur’s Picks Cards



#’d Base Set and/or Insert Parallel Cards



Stare Down or AEW Alliances PETG Card



Base Set - AEW Rampage Parallel Card



Autograph, Memorabilia or Tech Card


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