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7 Cards per Pack

15 Packs per Box

16 Boxes per Case




•    The first-ever AEW Skybox Metal Universe product delivers an impressive lineup of iconic cards to AEW fans and collectors in general. The list includes, but is not limited to, 1997-98 Retros, Jambalaya, PMG and Skybox Premium cards.   


•    The base set, which features the biggest names in AEW today, consists of 100 regular cards and 50 SP’s (the best-of-the-best). Collect one Base Set SP card from every pack, on average! There are a variety of compelling parallels: Red PMG (#’d to 100 - 11-100), Green PMG (#’d to 100 - 1-10) and Gold PMG (#’d 1-of-1) parallels of the complete base set, and Silver AutoGreen Auto (#’d to 10) and Gold Auto (#’d 1-of-1) parallels of the regular cards. Also keep an eye out for Printing Plates from the complete base set.  


•    The 1997-98 Retros set features 50 AEW stars on the classic 1997-98 Metal Universe design. Each wrestler’s card sports a unique space-themed background. Collect three cards from this set from every box (on average)! There are also Purple Spectrum (#’d to 199) and RedGreen and Gold PMG (same #’ing as the base set PMG’s) parallels, as well as Printing Plates, that will be a welcome addition to any collection.


•    Collect, on average, three cards per box from the Skybox Premium set, another old-school classic. Look for Star Rubies (#’d to 50), Star Emeralds (#’d to 10), Star Emeralds Auto (#’d to 10) and Star Diamonds (#’d 1-of-1) parallels, as well as Printing Plates!   


•    Everyone will be chasing after super-rare Jambalaya cards featuring the most popular wrestlers on the AEW roster!


•    Not only does the inaugural AEW Skybox Metal Universe release host PMG’s and multiple iconic inserts, it also hosts plenty of all-new and AEW-specific inserts! Here is a rundown:


o    Bonzo Gonzo: A three-sided die-cut set which captures chaotic moments in (and maybe out!) of the ring.


o    Feeling the Love: This set captures moments in which wrestlers and fans are engaging each other.


o    Technicians: Each card features a wrestler performing one of his or her signature moves.


o    The Merch: A four-sided die-cut set mimicking wrestler-worn and branded t-shirts. 


o    Turn Up the Heat: Each card features a popped-out wrestler posing or flexing, typically prior to entering the ring.


There is a Gold parallel of all five sets #’d to just 25, as well as an Auto parallel of the Feeling the Love and Turn Up the Heat sets!


•    Collect two different acetate insert sets: Palladium (popular wrestlers) and Hardware (wrestlers that have won one or more belts). Look for Gold Spectrum parallels of each set, both #’d to 25!


•    Keep an eye out for Metal-X cards! These rare hits, printed on Rainbow Foilboard with a PETG top layer and Spectrum Deco Foil, and featuring wrestlers cherished by fans around the world, will be a valuable addition to any collection! 



(on average)



Non-Auto Cards #’d to 25 or Higher

(Includes all Red and Green PMG’s)



Autograph Cards



Metal-X, Jambalaya and Competitive Advantage Cards, Printing Plates and Non-Auto Cards #’d to 10 or Less

(Includes all 1-of-1 Gold PMG’s)



(on average)



Base Set SP Cards



Bonzo Gonzo, The Merch and/or Technicians Cards  



1997-98 Retros Cards



Skybox Premium Cards



Hardware or Palladium Card



Planet Metal Card

(Regular or Gold Parallel)



Feeling the Love, Intimidation Nation or 

Turn Up the Heat Card


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