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4 Cards per Pack

8 Packs per Box

10 Boxes per Inner Shipper

2 Inner Shippers per Case




•    The latest edition of Artifacts® features a diverse 250-card base set which includes redemption cards for new-skating 2023-24 rookies. The base set breaks down as follows (subject to change):


    Regular (1-100) | Stars (101-135; #’d to 599) | Goalies (136-155; #’d to 599) | Legends (156-170; #’d to 599) | Rookies (171-200; #’d to 999) | Rookie Redemptions (201-250)


    The parallel/variant lineup is extensive and loaded with colorful, serially-#’d sets, including many with autographs and/or premium memorabilia. Even the top Rookies in the Rookie Redemption program will be featured on a full array of auto, memorabilia and auto/memorabilia cards! For a complete parallel list, see the “Product Breakdown” section below. 


        Box Break: Each box will contain, on average, four (4) serially-#’d base set and/or base set parallel cards, including one (1) #’d to 99 or less.


•    Hard-Signed Autographs! 2023-24 Artifacts® features five autographed insert sets, all of which are Hobby-exclusive living sets:


o    Admirable Impressions: We’re adding seven new retired and active stars to this set, now in its fifth year. Each card is #’d to 24.


o    Award Winners Autographs: This 15-card living set consists of veterans and retired players who have won a major NHL award. Each card, #’d to 25, will highlight the award won and some may also feature an inscription along with the hard-signed autograph..


o    Esteemed Endorsements: This is the sixth year of this popular living set! Collectors can add all new retired legends and active superstars to their Esteemed Endorsements collection. Each card is #’d to 28 and some may also feature an inscription along with the hard-signed autograph.


o    Signature Apparel: Signature Apparel, now in its fourth year, sports a diverse checklist consisting of legends, veteran stars and top rookies. Each card is #’d to 36 (Tier 1) or 12 (Tier 2) and features a premium patch swatch alongside the hard-signed autograph.


o    Storied Scripts: Storied Scripts returns with 10 active and retired stars. Each card is #’d to 25 and may also feature an inscription along with the hard-signed autograph. 


•    This year’s Arena Artifacts set commemorates the historic Civic Arena, home to the Pittsburgh Penguins from 1967-2010. Each card in this special set #’d to 67 features a legendary Penguins player (who played in the Arena) alongside a piece of a relic from the legendary facility. 


•    Fans and collectors alike will love the Hobby-exclusive All-Star Artifacts set! Each card features an authentic game ticket relic from a notable game in the career of an active or retired superstar player. The set is serially-#’d and consists of two subsets - Modern (1990-Present) and Vintage (1949-1989).


•    The popular Aurum Signatures cards feature retired legends, active stars and top 2023-24 rookies - all #’d to just 25. Collectors will be chasing the rare Aurum Signatures Duals cards #’d to just 5 and featuring some incredible pairings!


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