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6 Cards per Pack

12 Packs per Box 

12 Boxes per Inner Shipper

2 Inner Shippers per Case




•    The latest edition of UD Ice Hockey sports an abundance of Hobby-exclusive sets - a few of which are hard-signed!


•    Collect the complete 250-card base set consisting of 100 veterans, 50 regular rookies and 100 serially-#’d Ice Premieres acetate rookies!


o    Collect up to 10 incredible parallels of the regular base set cards (first 150), highlighted by the JerseyRed Auto (#’d to 5), Gold Patch/Gold Patch Auto (#’d to 99 or less), White Snowflake Auto and Black (#’d 1-of-1) parallels, as well as the all-new Greyscale (#’d to 99) parallel. The Red Auto, Gold Patch/Gold Patch Auto, Black and Greyscale parallels are Hobby exclusive.


o    Each box contains, on average, 12 Base Set Rookies cards!


o    In addition to the regular set (#’d as low as 99), collect up to five serially-#’d and Hobby-exclusive Ice Premieres parallels, including the coveted Gold (#’d to 99) and Black (#’d 1-of-1) parallels. 


o    Keep an eye out for hard-signed, serially-#’d and Hobby-exclusive Ice Premieres Auto and Ice Premieres Auto Patch cards!


o    Every box contains, on average, at least two non-auto/mem Ice Premieres cards.


•    The stunning and Hobby-exclusive Glacial Graphs cards featuring on-card autos from young stars to legends of the game will be a hit with any type of collector. Keep an eye out for low-#’d Black parallels!


•    The popular Sub Zero StarsSub Zero Rookies (#’d to 999 or 599) and Sub Zero Rookies Variants cards are back, along with a Gold parallel of the Stars (#’d to 8) and non-variant Rookies (#’d to 24). Collect one of these cards per box, on average!


o    Keep an eye out for rare Blue Auto parallels of the non-variant Rookies, as well as Green Auto (#’d to 25) parallels of the Variants. Both parallels are hard-signed!


o    All Sub Zero cards are Hobby exclusive! 


•    New! Look for all-new Cool Cuts PETG die-cut inserts featuring top legends, veterans and rookies!


•    Rip Cards! The Hobby-exclusive Frozen in Ice rip-card insert returns! The checklist is comprised of stars, superstars and promising rookies, and each card hosts an Ice Premieres Mini rookie acetate card. Lucky collectors will pull rare Gold (#’d to 25) and Black (#’d to 5) parallels.  


•    UD Ice Hockey contains a wide variety of coveted Exquisite® Collection cards, including Rookies, Rookie Signatures, 03-04 Rookie Auto Patch, 09-10 Rookie Auto and Material Signatures. All Exquisite® Collection cards are serially-#’d and Hobby exclusive, and all auto versions are hard-signed!


•    The die-cut Ice Crystals set sporting top veterans and rookies returns with an all-new and Hobby-exclusive Neon Variants parallel #’d to just 10! Also keep an eye out for Frigid parallels #’d to 99.


•    The incredibly rare Signature Swatches cards will be a prized addition to any collection. The regular versions feature a hard-signed autograph alongside a game-worn jersey swatch while the low-#’d Black parallels see the jersey swatch replaced by a patch swatch.




(on average)



Base Set Rookies Cards



Ice Crystals Cards

Includes Rookies/Hobby-Exclusive Parallels


At Least 2

Hobby-Exclusive & Serially-#’d 

Ice Premieres Cards



Hobby-Exclusive Sub Zero Card

Includes Rookies


At Least 1

Autograph or Memorabilia Card


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