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7 Cards per Pack

5 Packs per Box

20 Boxes per Case




    The 2023-24 edition of Skybox Metal Universe Hockey sports a 200-card Base Set designed to have that otherworldly feel collectors have come to know and love. The Base Set breaks down as follows: Veterans (1-100), Stars (101-150), and Rookies (151-200). 

    Collectors should expect 1 Base Set Rookie and 1 Base Set Stars card per pack, on average.

    Be on the lookout for a wide variety of parallels of the Base Set including the blaster-exclusive Blue Spectrum FX and Purple Spectrum FX (#’d to 199)

    Collect the 2008-09 Metal Universe Retros, a 50-card design variation featuring top rookies from the base set. Each card in this collection features original artwork from the 2008-09 Metal Universe base set!

    Be on the lookout for Skybox Premium Prospects set featuring top 2023-24 rookies. This set has some stunning blaster-exclusive rare parallels namely the Star Sapphire and Star Sapphire Auto.  

    All-new inserts! The 2023-24 edition of Skybox Metal Universe Hockey is loaded with new content!

    Goalie collectors rejoice! Be on the lookout for the all-new Goose Eggs insert set. These cards feature an awesome die-cut design and top goalies who have recorded a shutout in the NHL. 

    Stay cool! The return of the vintage Meltdown insert features a psychedelic design and some top veteran and rookie players. 

    Crystallized chaos! Be on the lookout for the rare Martensite insert. These cards feature an amazing metallic design and are sure to be an epic addition to any collection. 

    Full of Soul! Search for the return of the classic Soul of the Game insert set. These cards with a funky design are sure to be a unique addition to any collection. 

    Collect your Metal Universe classics! Be on the lookout for inserts that collectors have come to know and love. 

    Jambalaya cards return with an all-new design and some of the best players in the NHL. These cards are always some of the biggest chases in the product!

    Metal-X cards are back! These ultra-rare cards feature some impressive technology and imagery and are sure to be the envy of any collector. 

    Noyz-Boyz are back! This classic die-cut card returns with an updated design and a checklist chock-full of star players. 


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