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5 Cards per Pack

1 Pack per Box

10 Boxes per Case




•    SP Game Used Golf is back with an abundance of golfer worn and used memorabilia!


o    Look for cards featuring shirt, patch, hat, glove, buttons, bag, logos, manufactured driver heads, manufactured leaderboard letters, and more! 


•    This edition sports a 100-card Base Set consisting of rookies, star veterans, and legends. 


o    Be on the lookout for the Spectrum Auto and Red Auto (#’d to 15) parallels. 


•    Collect your Authentic Rookies! These awesome serially-#’d cards feature a piece of golfer-worn memorabilia and an autograph. Lucky collectors will find the low-#’d Spectrum parallel of this exciting rookie set. 


•    Memorabilia Collectors Rejoice! SPGU Golf features many exciting memorabilia insert sets highlighted by: 


o    Inked Fabrics and Inked Rookie Fabrics are sure to be the envy of any golf collector. These cards feature a swatch of golfer-worn memorabilia and an autograph. Be on the lookout for the low-#’d Spectrum parallel of this exciting insert set. 

o    Front 9 Fabrics and Back 9 Fabrics are unique looking insert cards that are modeled after a golfer’s scorecard! These cards feature a swatch of golfer-worn memorabilia. Lucky collectors will find a serially-#’d Spectrum parallel that is sure to be a great addition to any collection. 

o    Be on the lookout for Tour Gear cards. There are single, double, trio, and quad subject cards that feature a piece of golfer-worn memorabilia from every subject! Be on the lookout for a variety of parallels highlighted by low-#’d, capglovebutton, and tag parallels of this set. There are some dynamic golfer pairings!

o    An SPGU classic, Supreme Gear, makes its golf return! These low-#’d cards feature large swatches of memorabilia from some of the greatest golfers in the world.


•    Autograph Cards! SPGU Golf features two dynamic insert sets that have autographs on manufactured pieces.


o    Search for a new wave of autographed Leaderboard Letter Marks cards featuring low-#’d veterans and rookies. Collect the full manufactured leaderboard of some of your favorite players! 

o    Inked Drivers returns! These cards feature a manufactured driver piece that the featured golfer signs on! There are two low-#’d parallels of this insert set: Black, and Persimmon (#’d 1-of-1). These cards feature some legendary golfers!



(on average)



Autograph, Memorabilia, 

or Autograph Memorabilia Cards



 Base Set Cards


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