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5 Cards per Pack

1 Pack per Box

20 Boxes per Case




•    The 200-card Base Set features 100 star veterans and 100 rookies - all #’d to 299! The parallel lineup is deep and loaded with chase cards! In addition to returning favorites such as the NHL Shield Die-Cut Hologram (#’d to 25), AutoAuto Patch (low-#’d) and 1-of-1 Auto Premium Memorabilia parallels, there is also an all-new Parallax Purple (#’d to 149) parallel.


o    Look for #’d Rookie Auto Jersey and Rookie Auto Patch cards, including retro versions celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the iconic 2003-04 SPx rookie design! These cards feature top rookies and serve as an extension of the rookie portion of the Base Set. Keep an eye out for low-#’d Spectrum parallels of both the Auto Jersey and Auto Patch cards, and all-new 1-of-1 Gold Spectrum parallels of just the Auto Patch cards!      


•    The low-#’d SPx Signature Fabrics set - the veteran equivalent of the Rookie Auto Jersey set - features autographs and game-worn jersey swatches from stars and superstars. Look for Spectrum parallels featuring both game-worn jersey (#’d as low as 5) and patch swatches (#’d as low as 3), as well as 1-of-1 Gold Spectrum parallels of the patch versions!


•    The popular Radiance FX tech insert returns for its third year! The diverse checklist of this 100-card set #’d to 949 is comprised of legends, rookies and star veterans. There are also Blue (#’d to 299), Gold (#’d to 99) and Green (#’d to 10) parallels.


•    Be on the lookout for Finite Rookies cards featuring only top rookies and a large embossed Finite Rookies badge. This set boasts a bevy of stellar parallels, highlighted by the Gold Spectrum (#’d to 25), Green Spectrum (#’d 10) and 1-of-1 Platinum Spectrum parallels!


•    The latest edition of SPx sports a variety of tantalizing new insert sets. Here is a rundown, with one more noted later:


o    Starscape Shadow Box: This stunning Shadow Box set sporting a PETG top layer and a Rainbow Foil bottom layer incorporates elements of the classic SPx Starscape insert. This 50-card set includes star veterans and top rookies. Lucky collectors will pull Silver Spectrum (#’d to 99) and/or Gold Spectrum (#’d to 10) parallels!

o    Hardwired for Success: This #’d set features 15 of the best young stars (early-to-mid 20’s) in the game today. There is also Red (#’d to 65), Gold (#’d to 35) and 1-of-1 Blue parallels to collect.

o    X-Over Signatures: Loaded with star veterans and the best-of-the-best rookie prospects, this autograph set is #’d to just 15 and also boasts Red (#’d to 10), Gold (#’d to 5) and 1-of-1 Blue parallels.

o    X Marks the Spot Autos: Another beautifully-designed auto set! There are star veteran and top rookie versions, and low-#’d Gold parallels.


•    Add more top rookie and star veteran autograph cards to your collection via the Auto Holographs and Superscripts insert sets. There are low-#’d parallels of both sets, including a 1-of-1 Blue parallel of the Auto Holographs set! 


•    The legendary SPx Force insert is back! Each card features four players, with most featuring four current teammates. However, there are some special pairings, including a rookie pairing that anyone would love to add to their collection! Keep an eye out for these rare cards, as well as the Red (#’d to 30), Gold (#’d to 15) and 1-of-1 Blue parallels.


•    SPx wouldn’t be complete without its coveted UD Black ObsidianUD Black Lustrous and UD Black Pride of a Nation inserts. Chock-full of auto and auto patch cards - headlined by the incredible UD Black Lustrous RAP and RAP Clarity Variant cards that everyone will be hunting for - the UD Black lineup has been expanded with the addition of the rare UD Black Steel 

•    Signatures set (which includes a 1-of-1 Emerald parallel) and an Emerald parallel of the UD Black Obsidian Rookies, Rookie Patch and Patch cards!




(on average)



Autograph Card 



Memorabilia and/or Non-Auto Cards


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