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6 Cards per Pack

15 Packs per Box

12 Boxes per Case    




•    2023 Team Canada Juniors showcases the esteemed U20 (two-time defending world champions), U18 (2021 world champions) and Women’s National (five-time and defending Olympic gold medalists; 12-time world champions) squads. Collect exclusive content featuring the elite players representing Team Canada on the international stage!


o    Each box contains, on average, at least four (4) auto, jerseyauto/patch and/or tech cards! 

o    All memorabilia, including the premium Team Canada patch swatches, is game-worn.


•    The 150-card base set consists of three subsets: 


o    Regular (1-63): Players from the U18 and U20 teams, and the Women’s National Team. 

o    Pride of the Program (High Series; 64-100): The best-of-the-best from the U18 and U20 teams.

o    Program of Excellence (101-150): Players that have made it through Team Canada’s Program of Excellence.  


The parallel lineup is deep and enticing. Collect up to five (5) parallels of the complete base set, which includes the 1-of-1 Finite and Hobby-exclusive Clear Cut parallels, and seven (7) additional parallels of the first 100 cards, highlighted by the coveted Black Signatures (#’d to 5 or 1) and Auto Patch (#’d to 25/125/175) parallels! 


•    The popular Prospectus Momentous insert is back! This set features top junior players that have been drafted or expect to be drafted within the next couple years. There are several colorful and serially-#’d parallels, highlighted by the Electric Gold (#’d to 99), Electric Orange (#’d to 75), Electric Pink (#’d to 15) and Black Auto (#’d 1-of-1) parallels!


•    This year’s edition also features some amazing tech inserts, three of which are new:


o    Go to the Top (New!): Each card features the player on a Light FX background with Gold Spectrum deco foil.

o    Team Canada FX: Each player in this returning set is popped-out on a Light FX background with Gold Spectrum deco foil. 

o    License to Ice (New!): In this all-new 60-pt. plexi set, each card front mimics a driver’s license. Keep an eye out for rare Red parallels #’d to 23!

o    Skating the Wave (New!): Each player is popped out on Wavefront Pattern Foilboard! 


    The checklist for each tech insert consists of the top U18, U20 and Women’s National Team players. 




(on average)



Base Set - Red Foil Parallel Cards



Program of Excellence and/or Prospectus Momentous Cards



Clear Cut and/or Serially-#’d Non-Auto/Mem Cards


At Least 4

Auto, Jersey, Auto Patch and/or Tech Cards

(Includes at least 1 Auto or Auto Patch Card)



Base Set - Pattern Foilboard and/or 

Red Pattern Foilboard Parallel Cards


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