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4 Cards per Pack

1 Pack per Box

8 Boxes per Inner Shipper

2 Inner Shippers per Case



All rookie content includes players who qualified for rookie card status as of 1/5/22.




    2021-22 Ultimate Collection is loaded with autographs - all of which are hard-signed!


    The 200-card base set consists of 75 star veterans #’d to 149, 25 legends #’d to 149, and 100 rookies (via the Ultimate Rookies Autos subset) #’d to 299 or 99.


    There are three non-auto parallels (Gold, Purple & Black) and four autographed parallels (Auto, Gold Auto, Purple Auto & Black Auto) of the vets and legends. Except for the Auto parallel, all are #’d to 35 or less.


    Big Hits! Customers can also collect the Jumbo Patch design variant of both the vets and legends featuring large game-worn patch swatches, as well as the Shield Patch design variant of just the vets. All of the design variants are #’d to 3 or less, and most are autographed!


    Collectors will be chasing the Ultimate Rookies Autos cards, which are true rookie cards, as well as the Auto Patch (#’d to 99 or 49) and Auto Shield Patch (#’d 1-of-1) parallels, and the Jersey (#’d to 699 or 499) and Jumbo Auto Patch (#’d to 15) variants.   


    Casual fans to hardcore collectors will be on the hunt for these additional NHL® shield patch cards:    


    Ultimate Shield Patches/Ultimate Shield Patch Auto: Both sets feature a different set of standout active players and all cards are 1-of-1’s.


    Rookie Tandem Shield Patches: This set pairs an active star with a rookie from the same team and features a rookie year photo of both players alongside a rookie year NHL® shield patch from both players! All cards are #’d to just 2.


    The popular Ultimate Introductions insert set, which boasts a Showcase subset featuring the best-of-the-best 2021-22 rookies and a “Showcase” callout, is back! There are seven parallels of the full set, highlighted by the Black (#’d to 25), Purple (#’d to 5), Black Auto (#’d to 10 or 5) and Purple Auto (#’d 1-of-1) parallels.  


    New Additions! This latest edition of Ultimate Collection includes five new and incredible inserts:


    2000-01 Ultimate Signatures Retros: This hard-signed set features rookies, veterans and legends on the classic 2000-01 Ultimate Signatures design! There is also a Gold set #’d to 10.


    Stick With Me: As the name gives away, this set consisting of active stars, active superstars and legends of the game, features game-used stick. Each card is #’d to 35 and there is also a Gold set #’d to just 5!


    Ulti-Mates: Each card in this set features two active star players (one pair of teammates from each team in the league) and a game-worn jersey swatch from each player. There are also Patch (#’d to 35) and Tag (#’d to 3) versions of the set as well. Everyone will love the player pairings!


    Ultimate Displays: Each card in this set mimics a framed collectible you would hang on a wall. The cards feature two images of a star player and a game-worn jersey swatch. There are also direct Patch (#’d to 25) and Tag parallels, and well as Auto Jersey (#’d as low as 35), Auto Patch (#’d as low as 10) and Auto Tag (#’d to 6 or 3) parallels that boast slightly different, and larger, checklists.


    Ultimate Emblems Auto: This hard-signed set consists of rookies, vets and legends and each card features “Ultimate Collection” and the Ultimate Collection logo on an embedded metal strip. There are also low-#’d Gold and Platinum parallels.  


    The popular and long-running Pro Threads and Debut Threads inserts return featuring patch swatches accompanied by hard-signed autographs. The Pro Threads cards are #’d to 49, 25 or 10, and the Debut Threads cards are #’d to 99 or 49.  


    The Ultimate Signatures Premium Material insert, featuring autographs and premium memorabilia swatches, will be a valuable addition to any collection. Look for these cards, as well as non-autographed versions, #’d as low as 5!



(on average)



Non-Auto/Mem Base Set, Base Set Parallel or Insert Card

(Includes Serially-#’d Base Set Veterans/Legends & Ultimate Introductions Gold, Purple & Black Parallels)



Non-Mem Autographed Card



Non-Autographed Memorabilia Card



Premium Autographed, Non-Autographed Premium Memorabilia or Autographed Memorabilia Card


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